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12 Crochet Potted Plant Patterns!

12 Crochet Potted Plant Patterns!

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12 crochet potted plants included!
Patterns for:
Succulent Echeveria
Sansevieria (Snake Plant)
Lucky Bamboo
Aloe Vera
Palm Tree
Venus Fly Trap
Succulent Sedum
Bonsai Tree
3X Hanging Plants

This pattern book uses worsted yarn

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"If you have never crocheted before, NO PROBLEM. Everyone has to start somewhere. In this book, we will be going step by step through ten cute little amigurumi crochet patterns. Also included are basic stitch tutorials to help you along the way.

What started as something to pass the time during quarantine has turned into so much more. These toys bring me joy when I make them and even more when I give them away. I hope that my creations will bring you and your lucky loved ones hours of happiness as well. When I first started, it took me a week just to figure out how to make a ball. It took even longer to get my fingers and hands used to holding a crochet hook. Crocheting can be frustrating at first but like with all things new, your body will develop muscle memory and over time, you will find that it will get easier. Always remember that nothing is hard, only new. There is no right way or wrong way to crochet. Whatever works for you, your body, and your ability is the right way. Crochet is an art form and like all art forms, is open to personal interpretation. Crochet patterns function as guidelines only, and I encourage you to bring your own artistic flair to each pattern. Do not be afraid to use different hooks or types of yarn. Experiment by changing the colors. Add accessories, modify the body shape, and bring your own individual spice to each pattern. Sometimes it will work; most of the time, it will not, and that is perfectly fine because in the end, you will end up with something that is yours. Something that you created. Your own little knotmonster."

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